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Bee Report #3

Another bee hung out with me at the bus stop today. Hung around for a bit, buzzed around me and left, then came back a while later to hang out some more. I love just how close me and the bees have gott- oh, I mean, the bees and I. What was I thinking?



Things I learned about my OC’s

1. My incubus, Raze, knows how to drive a car. Who taught him that?

2. Andre is an official vampire now. He now has a cape and brooding sanctuary thanks to Liga.

3. The fandom for Monster High now applies to my OCs. Most of my young adult characters are something other than human.

4. My character Lucretia is a true homunculus. No FMA fan characters here folks!

5. My character, Haunt’s outfit is inadvertently the exact same as Hiei’s from Yu Yu Hakusho

6. One of my newest OC’s, Hansel (a gift OC from my babeh Lucy), is quite possibly an AU Vaati the Wind Mage. Quite possibly.

7. My male characters all suffer from BISHIE-SYNDROME. I RP THEM. WOMEN FLOCK TO THEM. Why does this happen?!

8. It’s official. The reason why women love Misery is because of his hair.

9. I can compare each and every one of my characters in appearance to an existing character from a franchise. Only a select few of them are actually based on or inspired by franchise characters.

10. My very first OC, King, was a festering evil born of a terrible love of vampires, Myotismon,  demons, and Link from the Legend of Zelda. Trufax.

God, Radiojack! Get off my desktop!

God, Radiojack! Get off my desktop!

Been looking over the stuff I lost and the stuff I Iost and got back…

and now looking over the stuff I lost and haven’t had much luck getting back, I’m kind of realizing I don’t want it back. A lot of the most and least obvious shit from these past memories has finally become obvious to me, and it’s looking pretty damn unappealing. I was a lot happier when it was just a petty, shallow memory that was pleasing and had no real substance to it because this past year of finding out just how shallow, judgmental, and high maintenance I am, has made me realize that the shit i got back was all within my ring of expectations, and that I’m pretty damn happy with just how shallow it is. My little to zero connection with reality has left me pretty damn disillusioned in a way that is almost, dare I say it, masochistic? Even though I fucking hate masochism which is the biggest oxymoron of my life, since I find it damn hard to hate anything.

The deeper I get into shit, the less I like about it, which goes against so many of my expectations, seeing as I’m looking for something that’s PRETTY DEEP. Apparently whatever SPECIAL THING I’m looking for is in one of the almost 7 billion assholes people that occupy this planet.

I guess whatever I’m trying to say is that I’m pretty much okay with how high maintenance I am, how little I think of people now, and just how few people I’m willing to let push me around. If I fucking regard you as my friend, congratulations. Don’t ever piss me off.